Grant’s Ferry Parkway Ribbon Cutting

The newly opened roadway is going to drastically reduce driving time for so many Brandon residents. Benchmark Engineering & Surveying, LLC is grateful to have been part of this major multi-year project.

In January of 2014, Benchmark Engineering & Surveying, LLC was selected by the Grants Ferry Parkway, LLC to provide land surveying and civil engineering services for the surveying and design work required to prepare construction plans for the construction of a new major thoroughfare that will connect to Hwy 80 where the East Brandon Bypass is proposed to intersect and run northwesterly to Hwy 471.  The roadway will be a divided section and approximately 3.75 miles. The roadway will serve as an access road to connect East Brandon to Hwy 471, and will open up numerous acres for development.  The project has just been completed in November 2022.