Traffic Impact Analysis, Traffic Signal Design, Traffic Control Plans

A traffic impact analysis (TIA) is a specialized engineering study that determines the potential traffic impacts of a proposed traffic generator.  Traffic impacts and their potential need for mitigation are important for any community to consider with new roadways, development proposals and existing traffic issues.  Municipalities, the public and developers all share the common interest of a safe and efficient transportation network.  A properly developed traffic impact analysis can provide the factual basis for good decision-making and facilitate the timely implementation of effective mitigation measures.  Benchmark uses the latest in computer aided software to model traffic situations and prepare TIA’s to provide our clients with the most efficient, functional and cost effective design.

Traffic Signals and the proper application and design of the traffic signal is a key component in improving the safety and efficiency of intersections.  Benchmark can run warrant analysis and design the plans and specifications for traffic signal installation.

Traffic Control Plans (TCP’s) should clearly show provisions to efficiently move users through or around a work zone with minimal delay and minimize potential hazards to transportation users in the vicinity of a work zone and  workers where the work zone interfaces with traffic.  Coordination of work zone impacts may extend beyond the physical location of the work zone itself and to all modes of transportation, workers, and/or the regional transportation network. The scope of the Plan procedures should be based on the project characteristics to provide optimal development of the project Traffic Control Plan.  Benchmark prepares TCP’s on projects that we are working on but also for utility and general contractors who need a plan prepared for projects that Benchmark has no prior involvement.