Cornerstone Subdivision


Brandon, Mississippi

Project Information

This development is one of the premier residential developments in Brandon and has been under construction since 2002. The development is located on approximately 400 acres. Benchmark has served the developer as the land surveyor and engineer since 2004. Benchmark’s surveying responsibilities included all boundary and topographic surveying required for planning the development, construction layout for the contractor, pinning lot corners, preparing the final recording plat and preparing any easements or other surveying related documents required. Benchmark’s responsibilities as the engineer has been to design the roads, lot layout, water distribution system, sanitary sewer system, storm drain system, detention design, lot and street grading, erosion control planning, design of 2 lakes totaling 20+ acres and prepare construction plans and specifications for the construction of such. Benchmark was also responsible to prepare all submittals to governmental agencies and oversee approval process, prepare cost estimates and oversee the construction process. Related services provided on this project includes the planning and design of over 5 miles of gravity sanitary sewer lines and a wastewater pumping station. The development is on-going.

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