Downtown Brandon- College Street Waterline Replacement


Brandon, Mississippi

Project Information

The City of Brandon hired Benchmark Engineering and Surveying to provide professional land surveying and engineering services to install approximately 4,200 l.f. of 8” water line to replace an existing water line that was in poor condition, and which was installed around 1949. Existing service lines and water mains were to be connected to the new water line once constructed and the old services capped. The water line was to be placed along a heavily traveled roadway and fully developed area. The project included removal and replacement of sidewalks, asphalt, driveways etc. during construction and under traffic conditions. Although this project presented many challenges from existing utilities, driveways, above ground improvements, residence access, etc. the project was designed and construction completed within 14 months. The project was completed February 2023.

Project services

  • Preparation of Boundary & Topographical Survey
  • Preparation of Temporary & Permanent Easement Plats & Legals
  • Water System Design & Preparation of Construction Plans & Specs
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Bidding Oversight
  • Preparation of Preliminary & Final Construction Plans
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection
  • Contract Management

Project Images