Kensington Subdivision


Flowood, Mississippi

Project Information

Benchmark Engineering & Surveying, LLC was retained in 2015 to prepare construction plans for the 237-lot residential development located on Marshall Road & Highway 471 in the City of Flowood, Mississippi. This development was broken into 4 phases, the 4th and final phase is currently under construction.

Responsibilities and tasks associated with this project include complete design of roadways, storm drain system, lot grading, lake design, detention analysis, sanitary sewer system & water distribution system of the development. Prior to design, Benchmark conducted a detailed topographical survey for each phase. During Construction, Benchmark performed construction staking for each phase. After Construction was complete, Benchmark completed an as-built survey of each phase. Also, an MDOT permit was required in order to connect a secondary entrance to Highway 471, and all necessary survey data was obtained in able to produce permit drawings acceptable to MDOT.

  • Current Status:
    Phase 1: Completed in 2016
    Phase 2: Completed in 2018
    Phase 3: Completed in 2021
  • Phase 4: Under Construction 

Project services

Design of:


Storm Drains

Lot Grading

Lake Design

Detention Analysis

Sanitary Sewer System


Detailed Surveys:





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