Benchmark Vice-President Matthew Miller

We are pleased to announce that in March of 2020, Matthew Miller joined the staff at Benchmark as Vice-President.  Matthew is a graduate of Mississippi State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor. Matthew has worked as a civil consulting engineer for over 15 years. Matthew has been the lead engineer on a a large number of projects during his career ranging from large scale municipal projects to private and commercial development projects. Some of his responsibilities have included overseeing the design of multiple facets of municipal projects, reviewing projects submitted to cities for approvals, assisting cities with funding applications and grant processes, and assisting with day to day municipal engineering problems.  He has worked on projects ranging from roadway design projects, to traffic signal analysis and planning, hydraulic analysis, and sewer and water design. Matthew has recently overseen the design and management of several projects including the installation of a new 1000 gpm water well, the development of 2 new elevated water storage tanks, updating a city’s Water System Facilities Plan and several other municipal and private projects.  He has overseen the design and construction of Community Development Block Grant projects and multiple SRLF Projects. He is also currently working on the design of up-sizing several sewer lift stations and lines, and has been managing a downtown improvement project for a municipality to replace all of their aging water and sewer infrastructure.  During his career, Matthew has also worked on a multitude of other privately and publicly funded projects ranging from roadway design projects, traffic signal analysis and planning, hydraulic analysis, gravity wastewater systems, water distribution system, subdivision layout, sewer force mains, dam inspections, environmental documents, detention pond analysis and design and several others.    His responsibilities on such project have included technical design, plan development, permit applications, plan scheduling, plan surveys, grant applications, project oversight, bidding and construction administration.

Benchmark is thrilled to have Matthew and his experience come on board as part of the team and look forward to putting his expertise to work for our clients.